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Writer's Block: DIY

MacGyver, hero of the tv show with the same name, is known for his resourceful use of ordinary household items to get out of an emergency situation. What's the most ingenious solution you've ever come up with in a pinch?
Not to boast or anything but I once dismantled a toothpick and a piece of gum using nothing but my ample supply of atomic bombs.

I realize, I've left a post out.


that is all.

Writer's Block: Poetry

Today in 1955 Allen Ginsberg read his generation-defining poem "Howl" in public for the first time. It’s hard to imagine a poem having the same widespread impact today. Is poetry irrelevant to the best minds of our generation?

Speaking as a poet: Fuck you livejournal question of the day.

It's much easier to imagine a poem having that effect today then for the person who wrote this question to ever be loved.


6:21 is far too early to be out the door...
And for that matter, 5:00 am is far too early to be awake.

And We're not even getting into going to bed at 2:00.

Yay Summer!

This scene needs...

In response to a script being read today.

"This scene needs more masturbation.
And more pie.  Definitely more masturbation and pie."


I'm planning a small break from this and a couple other sites.

Mar. 4th, 2008


I just wish it was enough to prove to some people close to me.
that this is the cause of their homophobia.  of their religion.
That the dead savior didn't speak in the words these fellows do.

That the prophets who were truly inspired?
Were listened to, but not heard.  That rapture can only come.
When Mankind, Womankind and All inbetween, accept
themselves.  Truly, accept themselves.

That only at this time can your dream of unity
ever have a snowballs chance in hell of coming true.
That lusting for rapture before that.
Is seeking the thrills of hell on earth.

the footer of life

Eh more incessant ramblings, that make me question if there are those with modded friend pages that simply skim these report that there really is nothing of note and meander onwards in another direction.

I had my standard archetype male character "Guy" and did a quick word switch to Auren, turns out I used the word 'guy' 10 times in the sketch.  Needless to say I was quite amused that the group did not find it strange at ALL that this girl might run off with another Auren.  However they felt that there were simple some spaces (due to their inability to pronounce archaic verbiage) that didn't flow as well as it could have.  I laughed.  Pretty damn hard.  It made me want to make some other blatantly obvious mistakes and place them so audaciously that one will question if I did do it purposely and if I did, why.

Next on the agenda the footer of life.  Death, what doeth the grave read when the final demise has occurred.  It hit me lately that causes make martyrs still, and one that could be considered a serious ass in life could easily find themselves the poster boy for an organization if his death is within great means.  For example; Nymphomaniac pedophile dies in probing accident securing Terrorist secrets in the anus of a 12 year old soldier, who utilizing means the man taught him to get the message across foreign lines, would make two heros.  Out of pedophilia.  Did you know that Smokey the Bear was Gay?  Don't even get me started on McGruff.

I finally found my voice again.  I realized why I'd write and why I would be uninspired.  I kinda get what I want to do with my work, and why my voice is the one I use.  Therefore I leave you with this.  Let us meet someday at a restaurant, at the end of the universe.

the joys of errors.

Especially in the sense of unexplainable ones.  The newest happens via my father's house; internet instantly crashes Tempest.

Loads, blue screen, crash, repeat.
So I try a number of things, finally turning the internet off in hopes of detaching remote access.

It works.
We try the hard wire, it works.
So I'm able to post.

So here are the potential problems, 1.  My wireless card went shit.  2.  there's someone local who has superior hacking capabilities.  3.  The router my father's got going is doing something really funky since it was working a number of hours ago.

My guess?  #1.  Because it'd be the hardest to solve.


Knowledge is a very important thing, that which you do not know; is your bane, until you know it, it possesses the power to utterly destroy you.  The wisest, the most pretentious and prideful of their knowledge of their rule, rarely last long under the horde of barbarians shaping the world around them.  It is vital therefore to be the humble scholar, always approaching every subject willing to master as much as humanly possible.

And for warfare, what better way to find a weakness then to create one?  To change knowledge to obscure the known in unknown, change order to chaos.  When we finally feel we have that grasp, I wonder what the world will be like.

Sorry for the off topic posts, but hey; if you're not responding to them, I'm not catering to you really.  This journal has a purpose which I'm fulfilling by doing, keeping long standing promises and all that.  Reading some sci fi.  *smirks* I've come to love something that my teacher's should hate, loathe really.  Part of me has decided to create some more good sci fi, just for the sake of ruining the namesake of a long standing institution whose pride has gotten a little too high on itself.

When we don't study Bryson for his elicit affairs, when we spend a week on Tintern Abbey and when the teacher explains the most obvious things about Mont Blanc that I really question why I partake in the class.  When she asks about romanticism and I state the love of the aventure, when I begin to explain and she demands if I'm to use a term from another class, that I specify it's meaning.  Sure the hesitation, to cite something outside her realm of direct knowledge?  Hah, to start with names like Tryamour or Octavion.  Then when asked if I wanted to explain further to retract and say I didn't want to.  To explain some of the main story arcs but not nearly enough, hell.  T'was a good class.

These are the days I measure my life in classes.  in books in pages in thoughts.
These are the best days of your life.